JVC QL-50 turntable


JVC QL-50 Direct Drive turntable is a good entry level audiophile turntable with the specs on the level with Technics SP-10. The base body of turntable is QL-50 and motor section is QL-5 with Quick Stop Quartz Locked/FG Servo System.



The speed is Quartz Locked 33 or 45, no adjustment. Works precisely and accurately. Strobe is dead still, even when you clean the record with brush.



This turntable, like other audiophile quality turntables Kenwood KD-500, Technics SL-120 or SL-1100, was offered without tonearm.



Included armboard is drilled for SME 3009 type tonearm base plate, but you can put any kind of tonearm using additional different armboards.





Here is an example of SME III tonearm installed:



I have Signet XK-35 (Rebadged Audio Technica AT1120) low mass tonearm installed on this TT with a Stanton 681EEE cartridge and a new needle.

Tonearm is a “State of the Art” component and has a Planar-Pivot tracking with silicon damping features.



The only upgrade I did is to replace stock steel counterweight with brass one. Higher density plus firm fixation with the screw lowered unwanted resonances of tonearm.


A new needle for Stanton 681EEE cartridge offered by multiple vendors is not so precise in setting as original one, and needed some fitting to insert a magnet into the optimal position.



Does not look pretty, but sounded as good as original.