Basic modification of the Project/one turntable.


PROJECT/ONE model DR-IIA semi automatic belt drive turntable was built in Japan. I donít know who is the original OEM manufacturer, but it looks like the same as for Sanyo TP-625 model.


The high quality precise tonearm is essentially a Jelco L-75S model with standard quick-detachable SME type headshell. † This unit has the walnut-style base, heavy platter, high quality heavy mat, belt drive and sprang suspension of the chasses enable it to produce a high quality sound. Additional nice feature is automatic stop and return of the tonearm back at the end of the record. It is a good candidate for basic upgrade.


Upgrades included replacement of wiring for tonearm (two gold plated RCA connectors let you use any cord of any length and capacitance),



installation of the new power cord receptacle.



Plus partial acoustic damping of the box and chasses with cork and 'Dynamat' materials. (I actually used this turntable to test different upgrades).