My Turntable Collection and Turntable Modifications


Here is my collection. If you asked me, I don't know myself why do I need more than one, or more than two of them. I've tried to sort all turntables by type: direct drive (my favorite), belt drive (don't like, but it's ok), and idlers (hate them).

I don't believe in the specific sound based on the drive type. If platter is 4 kg and up, and motor has rated power > 10 W, they all have to sound indistinct good with the same tonearm and cartridge. And all my upper turntables sound very good.

More, I am making a specific effort to tune them to reproduce the record precisely, and if I am successful, they all have to produce exactly the same sound - sound of the recorded signal without any additional alterations (distortions). They all should sound the same.

My best of three worlds


Modifications and upgrades done

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  Direct drive turntables

Technics SP-10 MKII motor unit in the original obsidian plinth SH-10 B3 with Technics EPA-100 tonearm. Possible upgrade by adding a heavy metal base underneath of the wooden frame SL1000MKII
Technics SP-10 MKII motor unit in my new plinth Universal plinth with plywood frame and "obsidian-like" base - inverse from SH-10 B3 plinth order Technics SP10 MKII
Technics SL1200 MK2 Outfitted with Rega RB300 tonearm Technics SL1200
Denon DP-45F Fully automated turntable with zero room for improvement. It had to go. Project One
JVC QL-50 The base body of turntable is QL-50 and plate & motor section is QL-5 with Quick Stop Quartz Locked/FG Servo System. Signet XK-35 (Rebadged Audio Technica AT1120) low mass tonearm installed. JVC  QL50
Technics SL-23   Dual 1229
Technics SL-7    

  Belt drive turntables

Oracle Delphi MKI   Oracle Delphi
FONS SQ30 The most time consuming modifications I did. FONS 30
Project One Minimum upgrades with the maximum results Project One
Thorens TD160 Well, another belt drive turntable. Thorens 160

  Idler drive turntables

Thorens TD-124 All standard mods starting with birch plywood plinth. Thorens TD-124
Dual 1229 My total fiasco. Could not make automatics to work as it should Dual 1229